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Mothers Against Bad Dishwashers—Monday’s Musings

I’m antagonistic toward my dishwasher. Just the other day, I caught myself opening the door and yelling into my stainless steel appliance for its lack of cooperation and downright rebellion.

I’ve had teenagers, I don’t need a dishwasher hanging around the house, eating dishwashing soap and vinegar like it owned the place. Sleeping when it should be working. Costing me money with no contribution to our family. Sure, I can store the dishes there, but when I want it to wash them, all I’m left with is food-crusted plates and cloudy glasses.

It’s not even a blood relative. What can I say besides, I’m bitter.

I’m bitter because I spent days and weeks perusing ads to choose a dishwasher that I’d love. I’m bitter because I traveled to store upon store asking detailed questions of the tired salesperson. I’m bitter because the love I once had for my much needed appliance has twisted into utter disappointment and ultimate regret.

I could wash my dishes by hand, of course. There’s something comforting about that. Standing by my sink, using only a rag and soap. Piling them on the counter while my nineteen-year-old son chats with me, happily drying the plates and putting them away. Kind of like an unknown Norman Rockwell painting.

That’s a pipe-dream.

For now, I’ll keep yelling. I’ll invest in another gallon of vinegar and one more box of Cascade. And maybe, just maybe, my despised dishwasher will grow up and get a job, and maybe even move away.

One can always hope.

My son currently has two jobs so he can stay. He even offered to help in the kitchen last night. Maybe there’s hope for my dishwasher.