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An Easy-Bake Oven

Deric’s birthday was Wednesday. He received a CD by Andrea Bocelli, the Cars II movie, and an Easy-Bake Oven. He turned 37.

I took him to see Puss in Boots in 3D. I picked him up from his mom’s house. Miriam has been my good friend for several years and even helps me with FAFSA for my kids. Deric wore a crisp, collared shirt, shorts, and nifty leather shoes. I carried his jacket as we got into the car. It was the first time I’d ever taken him anywhere by myself. I was a little worried. The car was quiet.

“What did you get for your birthday, Deric?”

Silence. It takes him a while to gather his thoughts.

“Microwave.” Head bent over, eyes down. I saw him smile.

“You got an Easy-Bake Oven for your birthday, didn’t you?” I remembered what Miriam told me.

“Yes.” He put his thumb and finger near his eyes as if thinking and smiled.

“We could make something together!” I was excited. My mother had always promised me one for Christmas when I was a child, but she was busy during the holidays since my parents were Salvation Army officers. She forgot.

My husband Tom didn’t. About five years ago, he bought me one. I haven’t opened it. It’s hidden in my closet for my grandchildren that I’ll have one day. So the thought of cooking with one excited me. Especially cooking with my friend, Deric.

He tugged at my car visor and looked perplexed. “Visor,” pause, “broken?” I smiled as I remembered how when I bought my brand-new van, first thing my bull-in-the-china-shop-father did was yank down the visor. It broke.

“Yeah, Deric. My daddy broke it the first day I bought this car.” He stared at me. Somehow that made it easier that Daddy wasn’t with me anymore to go around breaking my stuff. We pulled into the theatre.

We entered the movie armed with a keg-sized Icee and some expensive, stale candy. We put on our 3-D glasses. I wondered what Deric thought about the scarey, cartoon movie preview. How did his mind work?

He laughed out loud about three times. Always in different places than I did. The movie was over. I took him to his home, he showed me his gifts.

I thought about him on my way home. When we were together in the car, I noticed a few wrinkles gathering around his eyes where he smiles. Not as many as most his age. He doesn’t have the same worries, if any.

God made Deric special. I mean that. I count it a privilege to be his friend.

Happy Birthday, Deric!

Blog, Blog, Blog.

So no real theme for this week. I’d like to cover a few issues that are of relative importance.

First issue. The Yankee Candle catalogue came out. It is full of scratch and sniff candles. For those of you who don’t know me well, I think Yankee Candles are the next best thing to sliced bread. I’m known for being frugal, well okay, cheap, and I think they are worth the money.

But their catalogue has a few confusing scents. For instance “Copper Kettles.” I pondered it a while, thought about what my copper kettles smell like–namely dried burnt stuff. Then I scratched. It was pleasant, not at all what I expected. Another scent was “Jolly.” I thought perhaps it might smell like a sweaty Santa. Or a tipsy Santa. Instead, that smell was pleasant, too.

The next page had an attractive candle with a shade titled “Sparkling Snow.” For those of us in Florida, that smells like cold weather and bad drivers. Say no more. The last scent was Christmas Rose. That’s a keeper.

Another issue I’d like to discuss is that I have been the TP Ambassador for over a year and I’d like to nominate someone else. It is tiresome. Visiting every single household and public establishment to change the toilet paper rolls is more than one menopausal woman can handle. I’ve got my Charmin hands full, just with my house. Someone, please sign up!

The last issue I’d like to cover is weddings. Looks like my daughter will be tying the knot with a delightful young man who looks like the prince in “Enchanted,” except much brighter. This event will probably take place sometime next year.

I’m ecstatic. I love him and his family. But the wedding has me baffled. It’s not that I haven’t put on large parties before. The fact is if you told me that you were bringing 50 or 100 people to my house tomorrow night and I needed to feed them, I’d be okay with that. My house wouldn’t be clean, but it would smell like Windex. (That fixes everything just like in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”) I even spray my dog. The trouble is, it’s not my party and it’s in Tallahassee–250 miles away.

Still, I’m glad. I think we’ll have Yankee Candles on the tables. Not “Jolly” because I’m not sure what it will smell like, and I don’t want Sweaty Santa smell on the tables. Perhaps, “Christmas Rose.”

All I know is that unless someone signs up soon, I’ll be changing all those toilet paper rolls, and I’d rather enjoy my little girl’s wedding.

Help me out.