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A Different Kind of Lamb

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You can’t blame me for being emotional in church. Newly married, my husband not claiming to believe in the Lord I’d based my life on, I found Lakeside Community Chapel through a friend. The first Sunday I attended, the pastor spoke on Romans 8 and reminded the congregation that nothing could separate a believer from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.

That was 27 years ago.

So when we sang “Worthy is the Lamb Who Was Slain” I looked around at faces I’d known for years. They didn’t notice. Other faces were new to me, but all had the same look on their faces–worship.

Last week I visited Robin Popp at Laughing Chicken Farm near Gainesville. Not only does she raise chickens, but she dabbles in turkeys, ducks, and now sheep. There were three lambs. Soft and sweet, I watched them play in the field. When Robin called “Lamby,” they all came running. One skipped in the air for the pure joy of it.

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Or the wonder.

Scripture describes Christ as the innocent Lamb Who was slain for the payment of our sins.

I’ve never killed anything but Palmetto bugs, and even that makes me feel bad.

But killing a lamb? I couldn’t imagine.

Yet that’s what the Law required for sin. A sweet lamb. A living word picture to the people of Israel of how the innocent must pay for the wrongdoing of the guilty.


I have one more Sunday at Lakeside before I move to another group of believers in North Carolina. Thoughts about goodbyes, hellos, lambs, and the Lamb swirled around in my brain as I sang and wept.

And one day, we will sing about the Lamb in the presence of the Lamb. Whether from Clearwater or North Carolina or India or Pakistan. The song will be the same.

Unless, that is, you don’t worship the Lamb. Revelation 20 speaks of a judgment coming at the end of time of those who have not accepted Jesus for the payment of their sins.

I’m pleading with you–while there is still time–join the song of the redeemed.

And worship the Lamb.

Worship with me as Kari Jobe sings The Revelation Song.

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Dreams Can Come True

Tom and I are a lot closer to our dream.

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My pastor says that only babies like change. Mostly true. I’m looking forward to change, but hate to say goodbye. But when you’re cultivating a dream, goodbyes are necessary.