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Getting Gas is Fun?

When visiting New Jersey a few years ago, I had my picture taken with Louie, the man in charge of pumping my gas. “Hurry up, baby,” he quipped in his abrupt New Jersey accent.

What he didn’t really understand was that the rest of the citizens in the United States pump their own gas. You must know that sweet pic made my Facebook wall.

Usually, I do not relish pumping gas. Especially if it’s cold—or hot. Or I’m tired, or have someplace to go.

Enter, Gas Station TV or GSTV for short. Here is how it works. Pulling up to the pump, you insert your card, type in your zip code and voila! The pump comes to life with car commercials, ESPN interviews, car commercials, Twitter Trending facts, car commercials, and word of the day information. (BTW, today it is bombogenesis.)

Here is my problem…after a particularly generous friend of mine gave me a little go-kart-like car that gets over 30mpg, my tank doesn’t hold much. Therefore, I usually only get a quick interview and three car commercials.

It’s disappointing.

I hardly watch TV and rarely surf the web. I work as a Social Worker, go home, do a few household chores and go to bed. So GSTV is my only TV fix.

Sometimes, I pump the gas real slow as to view an entire loop of the segment.


This morning, Tom told me to drive his truck which needed gas. Secretly, I was glad. I learned a new word, got caught up on Bill Belichick possibly either retiring or going to another team. I learned that John Gruden signed a contract with the Raiders for a 100 mil over 10 years.

Not every gas pump gives you that kind of useful information.

Maybe I should purchase a gas-guzzler for my next vehicle. Or Tom could loan me his truck every day.

Probably the cheapest thing to do is watch a little more TV.

Who needs Louie, anyway?