Looking for a free Christmas gift?

Don’t know what to get your mom for Christmas? The perfume at the Dollar Store is out since you got that for her last year. Why not give her one of my books with heart-warming family stories sure to wet your mama’s eyes?

Here’s my book and here’s how you can get it:














To be eligible to receive this book, do the following:

1. Comment on this post by answering the question–What’s the worst gift you received at a white elephant gift exchange? Mine was a life-size ceramic parrot that I conveniently re-gifted.

2. Subscribe to my blog by going to the top of my website and inserting your email.

3. Hop on one foot while rubbing your stomach and tapping your head. (You’re on the honor system for that one.)

I’ll announce the winner next Tuesday so stay tuned to see if you won!



2 Comments on "Looking for a free Christmas gift?"

  1. Madison says:

    Well, here’s the problem, Pauline; I’ve never BEEN to a white elephant gift exchange. But I DID receive a chinsty, teary-eyed ceramic onion with wire arms and legs for my last birthday. That was a first. But it came from my special Onion Buddy, so it was acceptable… :) …otherwise I would’ve tossed it!

    AND I can hop on one foot while rubbing my stomach and tapping my head.
    So there.
    Maybe I can qualify…?

  2. Pauline Hylton says:

    You absolutely can qualify. And I think your onion tops my parrot. I’d love to see that hopping rubbing them. Thanks, Madison!

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