“So when I moved to Florida, we needed to stop at a motel. Sue wouldn’t let me check until she checked the bed for bugs.” We all laughed.

“So you used one of those special lights?”Keri-Rose asked.

“Honey, that was over 30 years ago!” Sue sipped on her latte.

A though occurred to me. “Keri-Rose was just born!”

Friends, a generation apart.

There was a comfortable silence.

30-year-old Keri-Rose wore a stylish dress shirt with cute gray flats and a scarf. Sue and I were dressed with our thrift-store finds, but our clothes didn’t look as good on us as on KR. Time has a way of doing that. Sue and I are okay with that.

“Sue and I have been friends for over 30 years. I’m really good friends with her sister-in-law, Cathy, even though I haven’t seen her for 25 years. They were both in my wedding.”

“You’re still friends after not seeing each other for that long?”

Sue and I looked at each other, hands clasped around warm Starbucks mugs. “There’s a certain kind of friend, that no matter how long it’s been, when you see each other, it’s just like you were never apart.”

“I don’t have that.”

“You’re not old enough,” I added.

Funny how that is. Life marches on but real friendships remain.

Sitting there with my young friend–her life ahead of her, and my older friend–her children grown, I felt incredibly wealthy.

A big hello to all my friends out there, both young and old. I’m so much richer for knowing you.


Do you have a friend of two like that? Tell me about them.



4 Comments on "Friends"

  1. Sue Dunigan says:

    What do you mean our clothes didn’t look as good! Your 1.99 earrings were amazing! Love you friend.

  2. PaulIne Hylton says:

    Yes, we’ll, thanks. They were definitely worth the money. Just loved being w friends.

  3. How could any of this be better stated? It couldn’t.

  4. Grade A stuff. I’m unquestionably in your debt.

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