Recite Romans 1:24-32

Hey Guys! I’ve been behind in my vlogs, but this should take us through chapter 1 of Romans. It’s rich, isn’t it?

Here is my outline for the last section:

I. God gave them up to impurity. 24,25

Principle—Impurity results in idolatry.

Is there impurity in your life? How will you “kill” that?

II. God gave them up to dishonorable passions. 25, 26

Principle—Dishonorable passions result in perversion.

Are you compromising yourself in your thought life? Your entertainment?

III. God gave them up to debased minds.

Principle—Debased minds result in decadent sins.

Which sins are you most guilty of from this list? How about choosing a verse to combat it?

AIM-Ask the Lord to show you any idolatry in your life.

Subject Sentence-Impurity, dishonorable passions, and a debased mind results in false worship.



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  1. Abderahim says:

    Hi.I read your pot and its really Aspiring. Personally I like most about thotghus one in which you have explain that our mind produce around 6000 thotghus and for ordinary man most are negative so why need to believe on that just forget.It’s really Important because thotghus shapes our life.Than for sharing.Mukesh Amarnani

  2. I can’t hear anything over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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