A Successful Parent

My 22-year-old accompanied me to the store on Valentine’s Day to pick up a few last minute items.

His birthday was two days before but we postponed the celebration until the 15th. I found a birthday card that suited him and tucked it into the cart. We’d decided on money as his gift.

He noticed the card in the cart as we scooted along through the deli.

“You want to just show me the card and put it back?”

I beamed.

It said something about a million people having the same birthday. Inside the card read, “It must mean you’re one in a million.”

“I really mean that, Micah.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

We hugged.

“I had another card that was funny. Want to read it?” We traveled to the card aisle.

He laughed out loud.

22 years of parenting. He read the card and put it back.


I did one thing right.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

2 Comments on "A Successful Parent"

  1. Ann Ashmus says:

    I felt right at home with your Valentines message! Having spent some time with you and Micah. Wish we could have had Tom with us, too. How did that turn out? Could you let me know your email? Are we friends on FB? Love

  2. Pauline Hylton says:

    Thanks, Ann! It was great seeing you again after all these years! My email should be here but it is phylton@mac.com. See you on FB!

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