A Caregiver’s Walk

This evening, my husband Tom, and I will make a short drive to The International Mall and attend an Apple workshop. We’ll drink hot tea at Teavana’s and enjoy each other’s company. My daughter is away at college, my freshman-age son will bring friends home later for pizza, and Tom and I will go to bed at about nine.

I know we sound like many people our age, (I’m 39 and Tom is 50) but the difference is when we go to the mall and drink our tea, and attend our computer class, we won’t be alone. My 89-year-old mother will join us.

Why? She lives with us.

I’d like to talk to you about how that’s worked out and how it hasn’t. I’d like to encourage you by telling you when we succeeded and be transparent with you when I’ve failed.

Maybe you are caregiving now, or thinking of caregiving in the future.

Join me, let’s get to know each other, and walk together.

PS, I’m not really 39.

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