Make Pesto Out of Lemons-A Day in the Life of a Farmer’s Wife, Day 12

We gave up on hand-to-hand combat against the flea beetles.

“They aren’t flea beetles, Pauline!” Tom reminded me.

Doesn’t matter. Tiny bugs with big chompers, a crunchy exoskeleton, and running-back-sized legs with which they jump large buildings in a single bound are classified as flea beetles by me.

Tom tried organic insecticide. This is code for lots of smelly stuff from the refrigerator. He stomped out to our humble field dressed in hazard waste gear and doused our baby plants with a commercial sprayer. Cayenne pepper, garlic, and onion mixed together with a dash of soap didn’t stop them. In fact, they seemed to enjoy the spice and even invited their leaf-eating-friends to join them.

Next we tried some plant derivative that is okay’d by the organic police. It slowed them down, but after a few days they regrouped. I think they sent away to ACME for Bug Armor.

Now we have 120 feet of chewed collards. Last night, I picked some leaves and sauteed them with garlic, olive oil and a little onion. Actually, they were delicious if you didn’t look at them.

Today, I picked more leaves.

Creativity sparked.

“How about I make collard pesto?” I thought it brilliant but my enthusiasm elicited no response from Tom. (Could be he couldn’t hear through the hazard-waste outfit.)

I couldn’t wait to throw my holy leaves in the Cuisinart.

I rinsed and rinsed. Then I threw my beloved collards in food processor with a bit of water.

“Tom, taste this!” I beamed.

“It tastes like grass. Don’t do anything with that, Pauline. Maybe feed it to a cow.”

My enthusiasm couldn’t be squelched. Throwing out the “grass batch” I pulled the stems out of other collards, added bug-free basil from our field, walnuts, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and salt.

“What do you think now?”

Cautiously, Tom took a bite. Then another. “Pretty good,” he admitted.

I knew it! Bug-eaten collards turn into gourmet sauce!

Because when life hands you lemons, make pesto.

(This is the foundation of our homesite. I couldn’t resist:D)


3 Comments on "Make Pesto Out of Lemons-A Day in the Life of a Farmer’s Wife, Day 12"

  1. Linda says:

    Pauline & Tom – Sooooo exciting to see the foundation for your new home!!!! I can almost see that huge porch : )
    Love, Linda & Jim
    P.S. Sorry to hear about the bugs, but we all know you are quite creative in the kitchen! My rhubarb looks the same. : (

  2. Sue Dunigan says:

    Keep looking on the bright side!

  3. Paula McLean says:

    Your bits of life bring joy into my life. The writing is clear and thoughtful which I love.

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