The Voice of the Martyrs

“It’s not a social problem or even a political problem, it’s a family problem!” the Voice of the Martyrs speaker declared passionately.

Her topic was the persecuted Christians in the world. Men, women, young and old are facing tough, life-threatening choices each day as they declare that they are a part of the family of God. They lose their jobs, homes, freedoms, and even their lives for the gospel. Some are required to report to the police station weekly for what will most likely be a beating or worse because they claim the name of Christ. Yet, they don’t ask for us to pray for the persecution to stop, but that they will be bold with their witness, with their love.

It’s hard to imagine that here. Where Bibles abound. Where churches grace many corners. Where we have 24-7 access to ‘Christian’ radio and TV. While we decide whether we will go out to dinner or cook at home our brothers and sisters are battling for the sake of the gospel. These are not strangers in some remote land, but our heavenly family. Yet, we act as if we don’t know them or can’t hear them.

Perhaps it’s because we have the reality shows, and sitcoms, and ballgames blaring so loudly that not only can’t we hear them, but we can’t hear from our Creator.

Perhaps we need to get off the couch and on our knees. Just like we pray for our children. Just like we pray for our parents. We need to be praying for our family–God’s family. Praying that we can be more like them. Praying that we will be more like Christ.

I know that’s my prayer.

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