Insignificantly Significant

Yesterday, I spent the entire morning cleaning out 12 nesting boxes, the chicken coop floor, our dog run, and a litter box. (I can’t get my photos to turn so just turn your head.)

The thought occurred to me that lots of people throughout history have been either enslaved or employed to do all sorts of unpleasant, menial labor their entire lives.

It’s humbling to me.

You see, I thought I was going to be famous.

Some of you knew that.

And sometimes when I’m shoveling chicken manure, I wonder if my life will ever count for anything.

Because I’m proud.

Many of you knew that, too.

When I travel to places, (besides my coop) I’m often overwhelmed with my insignificance. A big world filled with billions of people in overcrowded cities. I feel both overwhelmed and small.

But feeling insignificant  is good for me. It helps me understand my real priorities.

Yesterday, while I slopped unpleasant smelling stuff, I thought about my friends. If you saw them on the street, you wouldn’t notice them. They’re just every day folk.

Although you might not notice them, they mean a lot to me. And, more importantly, they mean a lot to the Creator of the universe.

Scripture says in the book of Matthew that the Lord knows when a sparrow falls. Psalm 139 tells us that God knew us before we were born.

Our pastor just started a series from I Corinthians 15 is helping me determine both my priorities and my significance. I’d encourage you to read it. It’s about the resurrection of Christ and the resurrection of believers in Christ.

As a spoiled American Christian, I often forget about the resurrection. That’s ’cause I’m comfortable. I have food, shelter, entertainment, health–dark chocolate, even.

But throughout history many believers have had nothing, yet they were rich. Their life had meaning.

Remember the story Jesus told about the man who begged at the gate and the rich man passed him by. When they died, the rich man was tormented and the beggar comforted. In other words, the man who was significant on earth lost everything and the poor beggar gained everything.

We are transients here. This isn’t our home. C.S.Lewis called this world, “Shadowland.”

One day, those who have trusted Christ as their Savior will be united with Him in heaven. And, we will be resurrected.

That is significant.

It makes all that we do significant if we are doing it for the Lord.

Even shoveling chicken poop.

I’m Insignificantly, Significant.

And so are you.


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