Caregiving and Sweeping

Sweeping the sidewalk is so real. Some say it’s mindless. I disagree. TV is usually mindless. That’s what we like about it. The computer can be mindless, depending on where you surf. But with sweeping, you hold a real broom and a real dust pan, and what you do makes a real difference.

So this morning, armed with the appropriate tools, I was sweeping and thinking right after the sun came up. I thought of how I’d been impatient with my Mom and how I could improve. My son came to mind, and I prayed for him. I wondered if Tom were on the water admiring God’s handiwork from out charter boat. I listened to the birds and tried to locate their position. And sometimes, I just swept.

Whether you’re a caregiver for a parent, a spouse, or your children, you need alone time. Time spent thinking, creating, worshipping.
Just like sweeping, it makes a real difference.

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