Have you ever felt as if you were standing at the edge of the Red Sea? Mounds of water ahead of you, mountains surrounding you, and an army at your tail?

That’s how I’ve felt lately. Wet toes.

My heart is weak.

My faith is small.

I haven’t written for a while because I almost drowned in that hypothetical sea. I’ve spent the last four months calling out to God, mostly on my knees. Sometimes several times a day. The weakest I can remember in my life. Desperate for God.

Guess what. I didn’t drown. Not because I held on but because He held on.

He’s like that. Powerful. All-knowing. Full of grace and truth. Generous with it too.

I won’t bore you with the details because they aren’t important. At least for this blog. What’s important is that God is great.

He answered each time I called out either through scripture, music, a text, a person, and especially prayer. Even people who don’t believe ministered to me during this time. If you were one of those people, thanks.

I’m so thankful. And so humbled.

It occurs to me that you may be standing at the edge of your proverbial sea. And you can’t see a way through. Call out to Him. His Word says you don’t have because you don’t ask.

Sometimes we don’t ask because we think we can handle it.

Maybe you’re there. You’re standing at the Red Sea with a teaspoon, shoveling away. And you’re pleased with yourself.

Jesus said in John 15:5, “without me you can do nothing.”

I guess that’s what I’ve learned.

And I just wanted to pass it on.



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  1. Dear Pauline,
    I recognize myself with the teaspoon at the ocean…Thanks for the word picture! Chris and I have often wondered how the chicks, the farm your moms health etc…wherever you are at remember folks in Florida think of you!!!

  2. phylton says:

    Thanks, Jewel…. We should talk soon.

  3. Rhonda Cowgill says:

    I really needed your words of encouragement today. Thanks for continuing to write it gives me inspiration. I miss you dear lady. I hope the farm life is treating you good.

  4. Sue Dunigan says:

    Pauline I love you dear friend. I have been in that place several times and know a similar feeling . God has always proves faithful… And I am so grateful for your blog!! I am thrilled you are writing again. Shalom

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