Google Verses Grandma

“So it’s normal for newborns to take short, frequent feedings the first few days, but especially the first 24 hours,” Sarah stated as she unwrapped her newborn son–my grandson, Silas. “Their stomachs are small but double in size within a few days.”

“How do you know?”

“I read several articles about it. Also, when you put Silas to bed, make sure there is nothing in the crib with him. No blankets, no stuffed animals, and always put him on his back,” she instructed.

Sarah wrapped Silas tighter than a Moe’s burrito and handed him to me.

“Does he have hands and feet?”

Sarah grinned.

I took my grandson from my daughter and placed him into his white crib with soft gray elephants imprinted on cotton sheets. No bumpers. No toys. Just baby.

“Looks kind of stark in their. Can’t I put a little something in with him. He barely takes up any space.”

“No, Mom. Things are a lot different than when you had me.”

Tell me about it. Baby straight-jackets, Transformer strollers and a swing that could double as a space ship. I’ve been wondering if babies need grandmas anymore when moms have Google.

In fact, I’ve wondered how I’d even do as a grandma. Never been a “baby” person. While all the other women oohed and aahed over tiny infants, I kept my distance. And when someone just handed a newborn to me, the child invariably screamed.

So my questions was, would Silas like me, and would my daughter need me when she has Google.

The answer is Yes, and I didn’t have to Google it.

Google doesn’t burp the child (I’m an advanced burper…), or change a diaper. Although Google could conceivably sing to my Silas, Google can’t hold him close to its ear and whisper I love you in-between songs. By the way, I sang a 20-minute original musical about all the dogs I’ve ever owned. The tunes were suspiciously similar, but I took great joy filling Silas in on The History of Canines within the Hylton Family set to music.

Google can’t (at least at this point), fix dinner or clean up, or laugh with my daughter and son-in-law. And Google definitely cannot and probably would not pray for my grandson. I do.

A few days after Silas was born, Sarah asked me if I had a great love for him when I saw him for the first time. I had to admit I did not. I was committed to loving him because he’s my daughter’s child and my grandson. I didn’t automatically feel love for him because I didn’t know him.

But after my 20-minute-mini-musical, and lots of burpings, and diaper changes, and staring into his soulful eyes, I can honestly say I do love Silas.

Just this morning, I checked out recent pictures of him. There he was on Instagram–his soulful eyes, and soft mouth. To tell you the truth, I really miss him.

Google is a big help, but it’s not Grandma.

I am.


7 Comments on "Google Verses Grandma"

  1. Lauren Hogge says:

    You are so so sweet. And this is precious <3

  2. Kaitlyn McDermott says:

    Such a wonderful article, you are going to be an amazing grandmother!

  3. Pauline says:

    Thanks, Lauren. I appreciate your comment. And Kaitlyn, it’s great to hear from you!

  4. Ed and Toni McIntyre says:

    Hey Pauline,
    Toni and I think you’re doing great as Grandma!! And before long, that grandchild will even take the place of the Hylton Dogs………..if he hasn’t already. Hope your trip went well and hurry back to CCC.


  5. Patricia says:

    Beautiful!! I’m so happy you have figured out how to put on a diaper that stays on since my infant days!! I love you Aunt Pauline, and I am so happy for you!!

  6. Richard Eaton says:

    Many Congratulations! Much love to you both!

  7. Pauline says:

    Ed and Toni, I appreciate your encouragement! Baby taking first place but dogs are a close second. Patricia, I JUST wrote you a note about the whole diaper thing…. love you, too! And Richard, think you you and your lovely bride often.

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