Deja Vue

Bent over the bathtub, holding on to my grandson, my heart exploded.

Funny how grand kids do that to hearts.

One day, I’m just a mid-life woman with two adult children, the next day I become “Nana” to our beautiful grandson Silas. And my little girl is giving him a bath–quite confidently, I might add.

“Okay Silas, Mommy will pour the water over your head.” Followed by lots of laughing and clapping. “Good job!” Sarah says with a smile.

In fact, smiles abound.

All of a sudden, my mind is transported to a little blond-headed girl standing by my side in our outdated blue bathroom.

“Look at him smile, Mommy!” Sarah says, staring at her little brother. She turns to me with her gold-flecked eyes and smiles. My heart melts.

“Hey Micah, your Sissy is here with you and loves you,” Sarah says tickling my son.

The most joyful laughter I’ve ever heard to this day erupts from my baby boy as he laughs, looking into his big sister’s face.

“Go get Micah’s towel for Mommy, will you Sissy?” Blond wisps cover her warm eyes.

Sarah momentarily disappears and comes back with a soft white towel with a built-in lamb’s cap. I cradle my little boy and rub his sweet head with the towel complete with lamb ears.

The memory fades and I’m back to the present.

“Mom, can you get Silas’s towel?”

I grab the soft white lamb-eared towel from the hook that hangs over the bathroom door and hand it to my gold-flecked-eyed daughter. She cuddles her boy and kisses his head. Then she hands him to me.

“Silas, go to your Nana.”

And smiling, he reaches out his little arms for me.

And I kiss his sweet head.

And the love overflows from my heart in thanksgiving to God.



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