Earning a Living, or Leaving a Legacy?

Earning a living or leaving a legacy? Currently, I’m not doing either.

Our farming business isn’t earning the millions I thought it would. Neither are my value-added products. For a while, i thought I’d be a famous writer, but that’s doesn’t look too promising. Plus, I’m applying for jobs, and haven’t even gotten my first interview.

I feel useless so I’ve been useless since I’m not earning a living.

So what am I doing?

Pouting. Playing solitaire.


Being lazy is one thing–and I have definitely played that role. But patiently waiting on the Lord–that’s a whole different story.

I’ve been asking myself a few questions. Maybe you have, too. Do I really believe God is sovereign? Do I really believe He provides for His children? Do I really believe He is good?

Yes, to all of those…in my mind. My heart sometimes answers differently.

Years ago, I wrote a few articles titled, “Go Back to the Rocks.” They were about how in the Old Testament, when the patriarchs had an encounter with the Almighty, they piled up a few rocks. Not my style, but obviously it was all the rage then. The picture is that the rocks reminded them of God’s faithfulness.

In those articles, I mentioned that if I piled up rocks everywhere the Lord answered me, there would be a small quarry in not only this house, but my houses in Florida.

Funny thing about rock piles, they’re just like dust,…you get used to seeing them and pretty soon, you don’t remember they are there.

So for today, I am going to remember the rock piles and God’s faithfulness to me.

And be glad.

A life verse for me is Isaiah 30:15, “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.”

Repentance happened in my time with the Lord this morning. Now I just need to shut up and trust.

How about you? Do you want to share any “rocks” in your life? Do you need to look back and remember?

Let me know, I’d love to hear.

Don’t be Legacyless…

2 Comments on "Earning a Living, or Leaving a Legacy?"

  1. Linda says:

    God has answered me and shown his faithfulness several times through my friend Pauline Hylton, who has been brave enough to ask me, “What are you really afraid of?” Thank you God for my friend, Pauline! Love you!

  2. Barb Traum says:

    The blessing of you, my friend Pauline is your transparency. You are one of the rare real people I know. You may never be rich, famous or industrious in this world’s view, but you are so encouraging to me as you bravely turn over the rocks in your heart and expose your own battles and weaknesses of “self” that ring true in my own life. You lay it all before our Lord, just as you are, and just as He loves you. You remind me of His Words and will for me/us. You remind me that we are all doing this, and not alone.
    1 Cor. 10:13 comes to mind.From the first time you said hello, you are my reminder to live in truth before our God.
    I will always thank God for you. I love you.

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