Monday’s Musings-My Dryer Died But We’re Going to Dinner.

“The dryer died,” Micah stated as he waved his green Publix shirt in the air like a flag. His tone of voice reflected that our dryer dying was an everyday occurrence.

After a consultation with my husband Tom, my dryer’s death was confirmed. Immediately, I went into mourning. I’d known my dryer longer than I’d known my son. Although noisy, it was dependable. I entered the laundry room, removed the lint screen, and hugged my faithful friend.

“Dryers like you don’t come around very often.” I sniffed and bent over my deceased metallic box. “Goodbye dear friend. I love you.”

Tom went to the store to find a replacement. Then he pulled my old one out to the front yard. Later that morning, I heard several bangs and shakes. Turned out, my metallic friend was holding out on us. After Tom dismantled the deceased appliance’s body, he came up with more than just lint!

There was $31.82 hidden away in a secret compartment, along with 4 unknown keys, a hotel slide-card, a grocery discount card and assorted screws. We’re going to have dinner on my dryer.

How all of that stuff got in there was a mystery to me. Here’s the real mystery—no socks.

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