A Caring Life—People

I entered the large store promptly at 7AM as the doors opened. Checking in, I noticed the clerk I’d known for years. I knew that her mother was about the same age as mine, and recently had been ill. I’d even added her to my prayer cards.

She was busy, so I made a mental note to see her on my way out.

After I finished shopping I headed toward the door.

“How’s your mom? I’ve been praying for you.”

Jan’s face clouded at the question. “They’ve had to restrain her because she’s had so many infections. Every time she gets a little weird, which is most of the time.”

“Is it a urinary tract infection?” I knew all about those. Dad had one most of the time. Trouble was, he never had the normal symptoms of fever and pain. He went straight to ‘crazy’. He was on an antibiotic most of the time, but days after they were gone, ‘crazy’ began again.

It was frustrating. For him, for Mom, for us.

I knew Jan’s look. It was exhausted, angry, sad, and overwhelmed all wrapped up in one.

“I think God is cruel,” she stated.

My heart hurt. “God isn’t cruel, Jan.”

“Mom has no life. She is just existing. I guess God isn’t cruel, but I don’t understand why He does things.”

Join the club. I watched as Dad lost his independence, his legs, and his will to live–all within a few short years.

Rarely do I know why God does things. But I know this; He is good, He is love, He is just, He is righteous, He is incomprehensible.

Even through those difficult years, I tasted His goodness. Now, in retrospect, I’m drinking it up.

My thoughts returned to Jan. Don’t know if she knows the Lord. That’s what my prayer card is asking. That she will know Jesus. I don’t have all the answers, but I have Him. That is enough.

“I’ll keep praying for you and your mom.” She thanked me.

As I drove home, I wondered about how many Jans there are in the world. I’m glad I took the time to care.

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