Monday’s Musings on Tuesday—Worship

Viewing the sea of faces, I smiled. All ages were represented, all income groups. Some had their eyes closed, some raised their hands, others beamed.

You may not have the experience of a participating in a worship team, so trust me, it’s a privilege. Not because I get to stand on the platform and sing to our Lord, not so people notice me. No, the highlight for me is you. The people of the congregation lifting their voices, faces, hands, and hearts to the One True God.

Sometimes, when I’m on the platform, I imagine what heaven will be like. All believers of all ages of all worship styles as one worshiping The One. What language will it be? What music style? Will there be an orchestra? Or a praise band, or harps. Maybe on different nights. I hope so. I may not know the specifics, but I know this—it will be heaven!

I don’t understand all of what worship is while I’m here on this earth, but I do know that it is based on God’s Word and saturated in The Spirit. It’s the only time that I feel complete joy—amazing peace.

About once a week, I take time to get alone with God. To worship Him. I walk in the park, or on the beach. I turn off my iphone and ipod. I show up with God and basically say I’m here to listen. Sure, I do plenty of Bible study during the week, and lots of prayer, but during that time, I try to hear from the God of the universe who I know wants to communicate with me. With you.

Otherwise, why send His Son?

Take time to worship and pray and study and listen this week. It will be the highlight of your week. And if you want to bless me, I’m scheduled on the worship team for March 20th, in the evening service. We can worship together.

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