A Passion for Christ

“I’ll tell you how to be a witness for Christ! You need to be filled with the Spirit!” Mike Schadt’s voice rose with passion and conviction as he spoke. Except for a smattering of ‘Amens,’ the room was pin-drop-silent.

He read the 23rd Psalm according to couch potatoes. ‘The TV is my shepherd, I shall not want…’ Many squirmed. It’s hard to be in the world but not of it. I struggle with it everyday. He continued.

The congregation listened as Mike described how a man from Honduras became a follower of Christ. Once a voo-doo-witch doctor, he planned to execute the missionaries from SOS Ministries. When he tried, he couldn’t. The man realized that his god, Satan was no match for the One True God. The Great I Am.

The new convert lives in a mud hut, and asks God each day to keep him safe from those who would now assassinate him because he now serves The Living God.

Mike took us to the book of Acts, where time after time, Luke describes someone as being ‘filled with the spirit.’ I listened with a gut-wrenching, stomach-twisting desire to be like that. But how?

Of course, it starts with prayer. The desire. That is all the Lord needs. He knows that we are but dust. He gives us strength. He gives us wisdom. He gives us courage. He gives us opportunity. He even gives us His Words so we don’t mess it all up.

Our job is to listen and to obey. Kind of hard to hear him with the TV blaring, the microwave beeping, and the phone ringing.

At the end of his message, he asked if any would stand and show that they are committed to living a sold-out-life to Christ. Without hesitation, I stood. My husband did, too. I’m glad he did but I didn’t care if he did. I don’t know what others did around me. That was between them and God. I just knew that burning desire to make a difference. To share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

My heart’s desire is to be a light for Christ. My flesh wants to live for self. It’s a good thing that God knows we are just dust. He can do a lot with dust—take Adam and Eve, for instance.

So this pile of dust is thanking the Lord for men like Mike Schadt. God puts people like him to speak forth His Word to dusty people like you and like me.

I’m glad.

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