Do You Trust Me?

The prince impostor stands outside of the beautiful princess’ window.’

“Do you trust me?” he asks offering her his hand and his magic carpet.

The words are familiar to her. She gives the dark-haired young man a shy look. Then she steps off her balcony for the ride of her life.

The movie Aladdin was not only a favorite of my children, but mine. I love the quirky genie and the handsome prince. My kids are grown now, but I often reflect on those words, ‘Do you trust me?’

I’m growing in trust. Didn’t even know I needed it until recently. Sure, I trusted Christ alone for my salvation, but I didn’t understand that I needed to trust him for money, health, the future, and (gulp) my family.

I viewed trust as a distant, other-wordly sort of belief. Kind of like the man who walked a tight-rope across Niagara Falls pushing a wheel barrel. The mesmerized crowd cheered and cheered as the man made several solo trips.

“How many of you believe that I can make it across again?” More cheering and approval. He was off the proverbial Nielsen charts! “Do you really believe I can?” The affirmations echoed louder than the falls.

“Who will volunteer to climb in?” Silence.

It’s one thing to say you trust the Lord, it’s another thing to live like it. Like in the way that I’m learning to trust God with my adult children. They are old enough that I have no control. But in order to move forward spiritually, I need to learn that.

Or trusting Him with my husband. Not trying to make him what I think he should be. Learning to watch and observe and pray as the Lord molds Tom into the man that the Lord God desires him to be.

I think I limit God with my expectations. He wants to do exceedingly, abundantly more than I ask or think in my family for His glory, not for my comfort and happiness. But He doesn’t work in the way I would have chosen, and it’s never fast enough for me.

But when He does the work—and I trust—there are multiple levels of growth. For me, for them, for those who watch and see how we live. It’s not pain free. Growth is always painful. But it is good.

So when the Lord extends His hand to me several times a day and says, “Do you trust Me?” I want to say ‘Yes.’ And just like the princess in Aladdin, step off my balcony.

For when I do that, I fly.

2 Comments on "Do You Trust Me?"

  1. Brian Sloan says:

    I like Aladdin too. I think of Peter climbing out of the boat to go out to the Lord. He is SO excited to see the Lord, he just wants to be where He is and with the Lord’s okay, he goes. I think our lives are constantly like the sea of Galilee. You never know what’s going to happen next. We just want to be where the Lord is. Ya, we get distracted like Peter and get that sinking feeling, but Jesus is our life. He REALLY loves us and wants us to trust Him and reach out to Him. Thank you for your post. Keep trusting!

  2. Marti Barthauer says:

    I just discovered your blog. Thanks, Pauline!! Keep it up!! Marti

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