A Weekend to Remember

Tom and I sat near the back of the large room. Two screens flanked the platform. An athletic type man spoke fondly of his wife and four small children. Like he cherished them. Like he missed them. He made me laugh. Reminded me of Ken Davis—just younger.

An older man who had the physique of a runner took the stage next, along with his stylish wife. They shared about their marriage. The ups and downs. The ins and outs.

The marriage conference was a present from my husband for my 52nd birthday. “A Weekend to Remember,” conferences are all over the world, sponsored by Family Life Today. It was the best conference I’ve ever attended.

There was a good mix of clean laughter and biblical teaching. There was time to reflect and time alone. Women met for a session and we bonded. The men did the same except their way of bonding wouldn’t work with women. We’re just different.

That was the whole point of the conference. We’re different. We think differently, communicate differently, and have different needs. It’s a God thing.

Tom and I have what most would call a good marriage. Even a great marriage. But this weekend, after 29 years of marriage, we both learned something.

And then, on the way home, we bought a puppy.

Some people never learn.

It was truly a weekend to remember.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Congrats Pauline! Connie and Diane told me you have a new member of the family!

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