Tom and I lean against well-worn pillows on our four poster bed. My favorite time of the morning right when the sun comes up, brilliant light filters through leaves outside my bedroom window. Orange and then white colors project onto my sage green walls. It is our time.

We sip coffee. We talk. We check the weather and baseball scores. We read and pray.

This morning, our new puppy, Sam is on the bed with us. Now just five months old, he weighs about 35 pounds. He wrestles with our covers and bites our toes.

“Sam is five months and one day old today, Tom.” Sam cocks his head to one side as if trying to understand.

“Wow. I didn’t realize that we’ve had him five months already,” Tom says.

“That’s because he was three months old when we got him.”

“I guess that explains it.”

First we snicker. Then we roar with laughter. Tears spill down our faces. Our stomachs jiggle because we are old. We don’t care.

It feels good to enjoy the man that I married almost thirty years ago.

We sip more coffee. We talk. We read. We pray.

2 Comments on "Mornings"

  1. Laurie says:

    Thanks for sharing your life through your blog (and other posts via Facebook). While we may not have seen each other in a million years our lives hold several parallels and in those things your words are such an encouragement!

  2. Brian Sloan says:

    Family is such a blessing. Mine were up in Michigan for a month. I couldn’t believe how much I missed them and how incredibly glad I was upon their return. Thank you for sharing about you and Tom.

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