Baby Adam

Born an American. I want my life to be comfortable. I’ve been largely unconscious of this desire, but the older I get, the more I realize just how much the culture has “squeezed me into its mold.”

Take Baby Adam for instance. He was born a few days ago in India. He has no eyelids, his feet are webbed together, he has a cleft lip and palate, and no one is sure he is a boy. These are just a few of Adam’s disabilities.

Yet he has won the hearts of a young couple. Jessica and Raja have been married seven months. They met at a hospital where Jessica served as a nurse, and Raja as a doctor.

They do not desire the American dream. They live for God’s glory. Their lives are dedicated to Him and His kingdom.

I met Jessica as she was leaving for India three years ago. My daughter inherited her furniture since she did not know when she would return.

So, they’ve kept in touch. Recently, I visited my daughter’s church who support them. I listened to them share their hearts and their love for the people of India.

Now, they love Adam. Adam may not live for long, yet they want to make him their son. Here is an excerpt from their email:

So little Adam is living in the delivery room in a special bed with a mosquito net. He has cleft lip and palate, no eyelids so his eyes cant shut and are at risk for ulcerating, his feet are fused together, and he has no fingers or toes (little prominences that indicate they tried to grow but didnt quite complete), and it appears he may also have Downs. But he feels pain, touch, and is sensitive to light, etc. He is getting feeding through an NG tube and we are going to try and find a special bottle to feed him (since he cant grasp a nipple like a normal baby may be able to). Raja and I are doing all that we can to take care of him. We are trying to encourage the staff to celebrate his life…most of hte nursing students are quite paralyzed with fear and confusion in caring for him and they need some guidance (this is the first baby like this most of them have seen). He is absolutely precious and my favorite thing in the world right now is to hold him and wipe the little secretions from his eyes. Raja found some paper last night and a peacock feather and we created a little card for him. We got some clothes for him today and Rajas piano music is the new therapeutic plan to calm the little guy.

For David tells us in psalm 139 that we are known in our mothers womb, that our frame is not hidden from Him, and that His eyes see our UNFORMED bodies. We are praying that over this little guy. We want to ask you to join us in prayer for him, his broken family, our hospital staff, nursing students (specifically that their hearts would be softened and long to love this little one), and Raja and I specifically as we seek how to best care for this little one. We have a few ideas and are doing all we can right now to manage him. But we think much more is needed. But we lack resources nearby, finances, understanding, etc. But God is a Father to the fatherless and He says He will instruct us and teach us in the way we should go. And He calls us to care for the orphan and widow but says He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. And He gives and He takes away. It is not in the hands or wills of man to take or give life. So we come before His throne above with this little one tonight. He makes me think of a little boy, Peniel, I used to read about in books my mom would give me and read to me set in ancient Jerusalem. And oh how our Lord used that little fictional boy who had no value in the worlds eyes.

beauty from ashes,
jess and raja

There is nothing else I can say.

Trying to get out of my comfort zone,


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  1. sandy says:

    I would like to know if this is the baby I met in Chapel HIll on November 14, I would really like to help this family out.

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