The Big Secret

Yesterday was one of those days when I gained time. Planning to attend Bible Study with my mom, she backed out. Too weak to go. I couldn’t leave her alone for too long, so I had an unexpected block of time.

Instead of taking on a house chore, or making phone calls, like David did in 2 Samuel 7: 18 I sat before the Lord. Rain creased my bedroom windows as I waited on God. A Salvation Army chorus came to mind as I meditated on my Lord and Savior.

“In the secret of thy presence, in the hiding of thy power,
Let me love thee, let me serve thee, every consecrated hour.”

I looked it up in Dad’s old SA Songbook. Number 591, written by a Salvation Army officer named, Albert Orsborn(1886-1967), reading and singing it as I sat before the Lord was a blessing. Next to the song, my father had written the words “Written after becoming a Divisional Commander, written in one night–written for officers’ councils.”

For those of you non-Sallies, that means he was promoted to serve as sort of bishop for an entire state or two and he wrote the song just before they were to meet for the annual meeting for the officers’ spiritual strength and renewal.

Here are the rest of the Words of this blessed song:

“In the secret of they presence,
Where the pure in heart may dwell,
Are the springs of sacred service
And a power that none can tell.
There my love must bring its offering,
There my heart must yield its praise,
And the Lord will come, revealing
All the secrets of his ways.

More than all my lips may utter,
More than all I do or bring,
Is the depth of my devotion
To my Saviour, Lord and King.
Nothing less will keep me tender;
Nothing less will keep me true;
Nothing less will keep the fragrance
And the bloom on all I do!

Blessed Lord, to see thee truly,
Then to tell as I have seen,
This shall rule my life supremely,
This shall be the sacred gleam.
Sealed again in all the sealing,
Pledged again my willing heart,
First to know thee, then to serve thee,
Then to see thee as thou art.

In the secret of thy presence,
In the hiding of thy power,
Let me love thee, let me serve thee,
Every consecrated hour.”

I’ve decided to keep a prayer journal like my friend, Michele Kreloff. She says it’s a good way to look back at God’s faithfulness during difficult times and to evaluate where you are spiritually.

Then, on New Year’s Day, she reads it. I think that is an excellent way to “Teach us to number our days, so that we may present to Thee a heart of wisdom,” as Moses says in Psalm 90.

I desire to be in God’s presence more. I want more of Him. I want the Bread of Life and the Living Water to overflow from my heart everyday.

I’ll pray that for you, friend. Only Living Water and the Bread of Life quenches our thirst and fills us up.

That’s the big secret–one worth sharing.

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