Christmas is fast approaching. SAM’s has 6 aisles of stuff that I am tempted to throw in my already overflowing shopping cart.

But real gifts have eternal significance not just seasonal fulfillment. I was reminded of a really great gift this weekend in Tallahassee.

The wedding of Sarah’s friend Jenna. It was to take place at 5. My friend and I were at the girls’ house, helping them prepare for the day. I arranged flowers as Miriam ironed. Girls wandered in and out, talking, laughing, grabbing a bite to eat. Young women who love each other, have stood by each other. Beautiful girls who’ve been accountable to each other, and kept themselves pure because the Bible says to do that.

These ladies are gorgeous and a joy to be around. My daughter is one of them. She moved to Tally three years ago and didn’t know anyone. Now she has a boatload of life-long friends.

Grace. Unleashed.

She belongs to Four Oaks Church. They’ve nurtured her. Loved her. Prayed for her. One woman who I’m nominating for “Woman of the Year” in heaven has encouraged, blessed, served, and protected her.

Thank you, Jeanie.

Grace. Appreciated.

Now my little girl has a guy who’s crazy about her. His family is, too. Our nuclear family is far from perfect, and there have been times when I haven’t been such a good mom. I was a worse daughter.

Grace. Undeserved.

Thank you, Lord.

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