God is Faithful, Honduras Day 9

God spoke to me again this morning. I grieved and didn’t know why. Oh, sure things aren’t perfect in my home, but nobody has a perfect life.

No, it was deeper than that.

I went to my prayer closet. I bent over, almost prostrate. “I’m calling out to you, again, Lord. I’ve struggled with my faith, you’ve shown me your goodness. Help me to know why I am struggling so!”

I turned to my devotional book titled, “Face to Face,” by Kenneth Boa. In today’s reading, I read the familiar words that state our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Eph. 6.

How do you figure that? How did God know that on that particular day, at that time, that Scripture would be there?

Because He is God. Because He is faithful.

Imagine this. God is in heaven. He made sure that passage was there for me today. But there are millions of believers all over the world that have multi-faceted situations that they face and they are crying out for help. And He answers them.

If they’re asking… If they’re listening…

Did you ever wonder if God had a “To Do” list? It would be pretty long.

Another way God has been faithful to show me answers to my questions is through other believers. A friend of mine called today to ask me to sing with her. Normally, I would jump at the chance, but because of the struggles I’m going through, and the commitments I’ve made, I’m not sure.

She said, “Did you say something about speaking at a conference for women?”

I told her I’m scheduled to do a mini-conference in February.

“You need to get someone praying for you, Pauline. From my experience, you’re going to face spiritual warfare. If someone isn’t praying for you, you’ll get beat up!”

Oh really.

Another answer to my prayers was written by A. Wetherell Johnson several years ago in her autobiography. I’ve been reading it, and I recommend it. She described her thoughts when she served in China as she observed the poor, diseased, and oppressed. Then she said these words, “All through my years in China, I never got over these depressing sights. However, He who preached the gospel to the poor walked among crowds such as these. He was always filled with compassion as He walked in their midst, and He did something about their suffering.”

He was faithful to show me that passage, and He was faithful to serve on this earth. And He did something about their suffering! Who am I to think that God doesn’t care about suffering? He sent Jesus.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share with you from Francis Chan’s book, “Crazy Love.”

Here’s my point: If you are suffering, if you have questions, if you are doubting, if you are struggling, You are on God’s “To Do” list. And unlike us, He always gets his done.


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