Monday’s Musings

Imagine never being told you were wrong.

People in North Korea may know what that’s like. Or China. People who are famous, or the wealthy might have a taste of it.

It’s scary.

We need accountability. We need healthy criticism. Otherwise, we might do what is right in our own eyes and depending on my mood, you wouldn’t want to be there.

I spent the weekend with one of my dearest friends. Like dark chocolate, it was a treat. Because of our busy schedules, we don’t get much friend time, and I needed my “Diane fix.”

We talked, we laughed, we prayed. We also told each other about boogers.

Let me explain. Years ago, there was a man that everyone looked up to (literally) for his wit, education, and brilliance. One day I noticed a booger hanging out of his nose. It stayed there all morning. He must not have any friends, I thought.

Proverbs says faithful are the wounds of a friend. If you love someone, you tell them the truth. Not to get it off your chest, but to help.

The problem is how do you determine truth? Who is to say that you are right and your friend is wrong.

Truth is only found in God’s Word, the Bible.

So within the body of Christ, His church, we are commanded to exhort each other according to His Word. It is absolute. It is perfect. We are not. We need help.

The wounds that my friend inflicts are like surgery. They cut to heal. I did some cutting myself.

Later, it feels good.

Plus, I don’t have anything hanging out of my nose.

That’s embarrassing.

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