Not Just Another Conference

Anne Graham Lotz was thinner than I thought she’d be. When Jerry Jenkins introduced Anne, he told of a time when he interviewed Billy Graham. Graham looked over at Anne and said, “She’s the preacher in the family.”

He was right. She spoke from Rev. 1 about the magnificence and power and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. She encouraged us to serve Him with abandon, and see what great things He will do in our lives.

Inspiring doesn’t begin to describe it.

I’d heard the name, Sammy Tippett as a child, but couldn’t place him. When he spoke, he told of a time that many were saying he would be the next Billy Graham. Tippett said, “The Lord told me that my ministry had outgrown my character.”

When God spoke, Sammy listened. He took an unknown church in Germany and felt led to travel to parts of the world that Christ was not preached. His ministry has taken him all over the world.

He spoke of prayer and suffering, both necessary for a believer’s growth. He shared about a time when a man in his ministry wanted him to go to Romania, where communist rule encouraged atheism. He stalled, but eventually travelled there for a crusade.

Neither the townspeople, nor the city council wanted him there, yet thousands came to hear him. He preached God’s Word, then asked everyone to bow their heads and close their eyes. When he asked if anyone wanted to raise their hand to show interest in coming to the Lord–not one person responded.

“I wondered if I should offer an invitation to come forward. What if no one comes, I asked the Lord. It would be embarrassing!” Tippett says he felt the Lord told him to offer the invitation. He did. And no one came for a good while.

Then, he showed an old movie clip to us. A poor peasant woman in a babushka marched down the aisle of his crusade in Romania. The very one he’d been describing. She was carrying a flower. She stood before the podium, handed the flower to Sammy and knelt down on the hard cement. Two-thousand people followed.

Amazing. Life-changing. God-exhalting.

But that’s not the most amazing part. When Tippett returned to Texas, a prayer partner of his wife told him he must read her journal. She’d been praying for the salvation of one peasant woman in Romania for twenty years.

We doubt God. We put him in the box of our human limitations. But God works through one praying woman. He works through one humble man. He works through people who have suffered and people who have prayed, and He does extraordinary things.

Just ask a peasant woman from Romania and a praying woman from Texas.

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  1. Great post, Pauline. The inspiration is obvious.

  2. Those were both great speakers at the conference!

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