No More Slips

Ladies. Have you tried to buy a slip lately? Difficult. Now there’s “Shapewear.” That’s short for “Straightjacket.”

Two close friends told me I needed it. One was my pastor’s wife.

My daughter’s wedding is coming up in 14 days and my lumps were not invited.

So my good friend and Nazi wedding coordinator went shopping with me. We even tried on shapewear in the same dressing room.

That’s friendship.

That’s not all she’s helping with. Her job is to organize everything and nag Sarah and I about the rest. She has a difficult job. Almost impossible. It was so hard, she had to enlist our other friend, Beth Sparks from Joyful Wedding Planner’s help.

Genetically, Sarah and I both have the great idea gene, and the let’s throw a party in fifteen minutes gene, but missed the detail gene.

I’m okay with it. Details are why I have friends like Miriam and Beth. They’re also sisters in Christ. God didn’t make us all the same, so we all need each other. Like a body. They are the brains and I’m the, well, I’m not sure. Maybe I’m the Uvula. (That’s the little round thing that hangs down in your throat.)

No matter. I just know that I’m grateful for the body of Christ and my detail-crazed friends. Sarah and I will really be grateful on Sunday, May 13 when there are chairs and starched napkins and food and flowers and escort cards tied with a green ribbon.

There will also be nosegays. Think about that.

I’ll be there with a princess-like steely blue dress that my pastor’s wife made me buy. I’ll have matching shoes and a useless matching purse supplied by Miriam.

I’ll also be wearing a straightjacket. I mean, shapewear.

Thank Miriam for that.

Here’s Beth’s link. I love that woman.

One Comment on "No More Slips"

  1. Melinda S says:

    I love this! And what is it about strange body parts? You are the second of my friends who have used the word “uvula” in the past 4 or 5 days. Now that’s just weird.

    Multiple blessings for Sarah and her young man. And prayers for mom and dad for peace and a perfect day.

    Love you.

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