A Tune-Up

I held Tom’s hand and looked him straight in the eyes.

“I think we need to talk to someone, Tom. It may hurt because change is never comfortable, but it’s kind of like an operation. It hurts at first, but when it heals, you feel better.”

We only waited a few days before we met with our good friends who also happens to be our pastor and his wife.

I explained. “You know I had a kind of ‘mission meltdown’ after I got back from Honduras. After that Tom and I had a fight I couldn’t get over. I knew that just because we’d been married for thirty years, it didn’t mean we had it all together. There were sin areas in both of our lives, and we needed help.”

I went on to confess the sin areas in my life that I’d discovered. Then we talked about Tom’s. My pastor and his wife interjected godly wisdom along the way. When we finished, they both encouraged us. Some things they said “Stop it.” (From a very funny Bob Newhart clip), other stuff they said wasn’t such a big deal.

He said, “Work on your individual relationship with the Lord, and you will have a better marriage.”

We got into our well-used mini-van and headed home. We were both smiling. We had a plan. And a purpose: to serve each other and the Lord, together.

Years ago, I wrote an article for marriage for the Tampa Bay Times. I said, “Just like delivering papers, marriage is so daily.”

It is. We have to fight for our marriage each day, each year, each decade. In this mixed-up world, we cannot afford to get lazy.

Today, I’m grateful for friends who don’t tell us what the world whispers, but shares with us God’s truths.

I found this quote from Psalm 141:5 a, “Let the righteous smite me in kindness and reprove me; it is oil upon the head. Do not let my head refuse it.”

I’m glad for “smiters.” It’s like an operation and the scalpel hurts, but when it heals you feel a whole lot better.

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