Conference Topics

I am available for almost any type of speaking engagement, whether it is a one time workshop or a weekend retreat. My topics range from humorous, to slice of life illustrations, to the more serious subjects of caregiving and caring for the caregiver.

I also love God’s Word! Although I don’t have any real wisdom of my own, I have a vast richness through The Bread of Life that I’d love to share with the women in your church.

Here is a list of possible topics for your conference or retreat:

Investing in Heaven, While Living on Earth

A Biblical Approach to Caregiving

Sit at His Feet, Serve in His Church

The Woman We Love to Hate, (Proverbs 31)

It’s Time to Leave Ur, (The Life of Abraham)

Stop Complaining, You Could Be Making Bricks Without Straw, (Exodus)

Do A Flock Check, Keeping the Herds Under Control (Proverbs 27)

Waiting on God While the Microwave Ticks (Psalm 62)

I’d Be So Spiritual If I Didn’t Have Children

When the Parents Move In, and the Children Stay

What To Do When Gravity Makes Your Arms Sag

Drop That Cistern, Woman (John 4)

I can also customize a topic of your choice. If you are interested, my contact information is:, or 727-709-8395