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Discoveries and New Experiences, A Day in the Life of a Farmer’s Wife Day,…Lost Count

You know you’re a farmer’s wife when you dream about green bean varieties.

Never thought I’d experience that.

Up until last week, in all my 54 years, I’d never fed maggots to chickens. Now, I search for them in the compost pile so I can treat my “Little Ladies.”

Come to think of it, until a few weeks ago, I’d never even fed chickens or sang to them.

That’s on my to-do list everyday on the farm.

While listening to a young farmer talk about his equipment, I understood most of what he talked about.

I never knew I’d speak “farm.”

I’ve never harvested tomatoes, much less 20 pounds of heirlooms in one day.

After I separated the cherokee purples from the valencias from the brandywines, I packed them up, drove into town and sold them to an upscale restaurant.

That’s a new experience for me.

Last night, Tom and I drove to our homesite and we crossed the threshold of our almost-finished, 60-foot front porch and gazed out at a field spattered with a variety of greens with a little clay mixed in.

The bucking bulls in the field ignored us until I sang, “Hello cows, well hello, cows, it’s so nice to have you back where you belong,” as I moved gracefully across the stage. “You’re looking swell cows, I can tell cows, you’re still glowin’ you’re still crowin’ you’re still goin’ strong.”

Then I started swaying but no band played.

“We could make this a live theatre, Tom! It’s big enough!”

“We could.” Tom smiled.

I’m a little melancholy tonight. (Writer’s are required to be melancholy occasionally, it’s part of the job description. BTW, someone please help me with commas and parenthesis.)

I think I’m missing the familiar–although I love this unfamiliar farm life.

I just want to share with you two things that have really surprised me about farm life.

The first is I enjoy farming. Not just the idea of farming. It’s much harder than I thought it would be, but there is something very satisfying about putting a seed into the ground and watching it grow. It makes me smile just thinking of it.

The other surprise is how much I enjoy being with my husband. We got along before, but we definitely did better when he went off to business on a regular basis.

Now, we’re together almost all the time AND he’s my boss. He’s not perfect, but what I admire about him is when Tom does something, he gives 110 percent. It’s always his best.

He grew the tomatoes I harvested from seed and they’re the tastiest tomatoes I’ve ever eaten.

He built a chicken brooder by looking at a picture.

He figured out all the stuff we needed to farm and just keeps learning.

I admire him.

Usually, in the evening, we work until 9PM, take a shower to wash the bugs off and sit on the front porch.

Sometimes, we listen to a Rays game. Often, we talk about the gazillion things we still need to do.

Many times, we are just quiet, listening to crickets, amazed that we are living the hard, crazy, satisfying, dream.

Speaking of dreams, okra is on my list for tonight.