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Caregiving is Servant Boot Camp

Don’t you just hate the way God answers prayers sometimes?

Just because I’m praying to be more of a servant doesn’t really mean I want to be more of a servant.

At least, that’s what I’m finding out. Praying for holiness isn’t the same as actually being holy. And no, I don’t mean by works, I mean by practice.

You see, my desire is to be more like Christ but my flesh is weak.

Take yesterday for instance. Because in the Tar Heel State when it snows more than an inch, it’s an emergency, I’ve been shut in for almost two weeks. Sure, I’ve been to the store and a few other errands, but our society as we know it took a two week break. Schools included.

Mom’s caregivers have come most of the time, but there’ve been times when it’s been just me. And Mom. And Tom. (Do you feel the tension?)

So yesterday, when Mom called for the fifth time after going in several times, I told her I couldn’t come every time she called.

She cried. So did I.

It spilled over into today. I called my sister. We both cried.

Caring for a parent in your home is tough. Being the one cared for is tougher.

I can see that and sometimes that makes it harder for me when I look at my mother, because I see me in a few decades.

It’s intense.

So after I cried in my room and to my sister, my mom called me in.

“Sorry I called you in and made you,” great sniffling, blowing of nose, wiping of chin, “feel bad.”

“I’m sorry too Mom.” More crying and nose-blowing on my part. “I sometimes just need time to myself so I don’t go crazy.”

“I know.”

There were other words said and tears wiped. Then Tom prayed.

Knowing there is a God Who cares and gives me strength when I need it and joy when there is none is comforting.


Most people would say I’m a servant. I know better. The Lord knows better. Yet, it’s my prayer.

I know my blogs are usually short, but I have to add a few more lines.

I’ve been studying the Exodus. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, God does not take kindly to complaining. And that’s what I’ve been doing and I’m ashamed.

Because God’s Word teaches that He has me right where He wants me and I need to be content.

And really, my deepest heart desire is to want what He wants.

So it’s back to boot camp.

As Gibbs would say–Hoorah!



A Simpler Life, A Simpler Church

“We are headed for the throne, we’re meeting in a school, and we’re getting there through the lunchroom.”

I smiled at the thought. The sanctuary of my Florida church home for almost 30 years housed around 400 people. A built-in choir loft sat nestled below the heated baptistry. The stage held a large podium stocked with small bottles of water for my friend and pastor, Steve Kreloff. I’d been on the stage many times. Directing our small orchestra, ministering with the praise team, or singing with my daughter Sarah. Sometimes, I even sang alone.

But yesterday, I worshiped with 50+ believers in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, with a body of believers called Christ Community Church. Although visiting off and on for the last year, we’ve been regular worshipers for the last 5 weeks.

I like it.

They celebrated 5 years as a church. Not a building. A church.

We meet in a school, seated at round cafeteria tables. A small sound system divides the lunchroom equipped with two mics and a lone music stand.

Dr. David Brady has a broad education, but what I love is his pastor’s heart. A heart whose sole desire is to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He does that through teaching the Holy Word of God.

All of it. Not just some of it.

Teaching the whole counsel of God is hard, not only for the pastor, but for the congregation. You see, the pastor’s job is to equip the saints (believers), to take God’s message to the world.

All of it.

Not just the parts we like.

The equipping of the saints is happening in my Florida church and my Mt. Airy church week by week through the teaching of faithful men and Tom and I are the richer for it.

Although our new church home meets in a school, we aren’t missing anything.

A simpler lifestyle with a simpler place to worship. It’s okay by me. I like resting my Bible on the cafeteria table.

During the service, we feasted on God’s Word. After the service, we shared hamburgers and hot dogs and spinach pie and yummy desserts.

Fed spiritually and physically–all in one day.

I think I’m gonna like it here.