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What If You Could Get Away With Murder?

Here is my last video blog on Romans 4:13-25

It’s about 8 minutes and points to the cross of Christ. A great place to be, especially around Easter:


Recite Romans-3:9-20

Happy New Year Y’all!

What better way to begin 2013 with a goal of memorizing God’s Word. We’re nearing the end of chapter 3 and will continue with chapter 4 soon.

Here’s my outline for the above passage:

I. All are Guilty v. 9

Principle-The Bible states that all are sinners.

II. Man is Wicked vs. 10-18

Principle The Bible states that none seek after God.

III. Man is Silenced v 19-20

Principle-The Law makes us accountable to God.

Subject Sentence-All are guilty sinners, and held accountable to God.

AIM-Confess God’s righteousness and man’s sin to someone this week.


Recite Romans 2:25-29

Okay, so this was the hardest to recite. But we finished. Barely.

Hope you’re working at it. Do your best! Memorizing even a part of God’s Word reaps eternal rewards.