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My New Rocks

A few years ago I wrote two articles titled, “Go Back to the Rocks.” I got the idea from the patriarchs. Whenever God worked miraculously in their lives, they built a rock pile.

So I wondered what would happen if I did the same. If every time the Lord spoke into my life through a life-changing event, or a thoughtful person, or a bizarre circumstance that could never have happened without divine intervention, I literally piled up a heap of rocks? My life would resemble a quarry.

But I don’t do that so I forget.

I fret and worry and doubt Him.

Not this weekend. My son got married to a lovely young woman. Rock. Tom and I and my daughter and her husband stayed with a friend who lives on the beach. She wasn’t even invited to the wedding! (It was small.) And she bought me a rather large gift card to my favorite coffee place. Rock.

The week before that, I met a woman in Bible Study Fellowship and asked her to go for a cheap lunch. She already had a lunch date but asked if we could take a rain check until the next week.

I frowned. “It’s not that I don’t want to go to lunch with you. I just need to reevaluate my BSF attendance. It’s so far and gas is so expensive. Plus, it takes me away from our farm for several hours a week.”

I attended the following week and met with some of the ladies for a cheap lunch. On my way out, the lady I’d asked dropped a card into my purse. It contained a $100 gas card. Rock.

My friends in Florida hosted the rehearsal dinner and drove me around. Another bought my lunch. In North Carolina, Tom and I found a church family and pastor that loves and accepts and ministers to us like we’d been there for decades. We have a home and chickens and dogs and kittens and crops.

Rock. Rock. Rock. Rock.

Then there’s always how the Lord answers my prayers. How He leads me to pray for humility, then I don’t get any writing jobs and have to clean up chicken poop and hear sermons about humility and have someone slight me and then I read a Scripture passage that might as well have “Dear Pauline” before it.

The older I get, the more I’m amazed at God’s tender care for me.

When I don’t deserve one bit of it.

It reminds me of a passage from 2 Samuel 7 where God shares His plans for David. It’s called the Davidic Covenant. David is wowed. Verse 18 says this:

Then King David went in and sat before the Lord and said, ‘Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that you have brought me thus far?’”

Who am I? was all I could think about this weekend.

As the Lent seasons continues, Who am I? resounds even more.

Meditate on those rocks, friend.

They’re everywhere.

If you’d like to read my Rock article, I’ll post the link after this amazing Casting Crowns song.

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The Day After Ash Wednesday

I didn’t grow up catholic. I did grow up in a Christian home. My parents served as Salvation Army Officers. I’m glad of that.

We celebrated Christmas by ringing bells at the kettle, conducting a slue of programs, and reading the Christmas story on December 25th. I had a happy childhood.

But I loved Easter. It was usually sunny, we ate chocolate, had breakfast at church, and my personal favorite–the Easter Egg Hunt.

In fact, I loved it so much, I carried on the tradition with my children when they were college age. Of course, the eggs had real cash money in them and my daughter almost lost her finger when she and my son fought over a $10 bill hidden in a plastic egg on our grill.

I LOVE egg hunts.

I egg hunt twice a day now. The eggs are even colored. Some are super-large. I eat them even though they aren’t filled with chocolate.

But somehow in the celebration of Easter as a kid and the traditions we’ve carried on as a family, I sometimes forget the profound effect Christ’s death and resurrection had in our world and has in my life and in the life of every true follower of Him.

Easter is the single most important event in history.

And it sneaks up on me.

Not this year.

Some people give up stuff for lent. I’m going to give stuff.


I’m going to sing my way through the season.

I began today.

This is what I sang while on my knees this morning.

“Praise the name of Jesus, praise the name of Jesus. He’s my rock. He’s my fortress, He’s my deliverer in Him will I trust. Praise the name of Jesus.”

“I bless Your name. I bless Your name. I give you Honor, give you praise. You are the light, the truth, the way. I bless Your name. I bless Your name.”

“How great is our God, sing with me how great is our God, and all will see how great, how great is our God. Name above all names, worthy of our praise. My heart will sing how great is our God.”

What better way to start the day. Not with a fresh glass of OJ, but with a heaping portion of praise!

I’m gonna praise Jesus in song everyday.

Join me, will you?

Here’s the amazing Selah song I sang this morning:

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