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A Romantic Gift Idea for Christmas

Hello All! Christmas is approaching but I haven’t put up a tree or decorations. I’m gonna get busy, but for now, you can plan your own private holiday celebration with your spouse. NowU Online Magazine has a short gift idea I wrote. It’s about a special night Tom planned for me.

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A Different Valentine’s Day

Usually, Tom and I go to the grocery store card rack, search through all the cards, hand one (or two) to each other. Read them. Laugh or cry depending on the message, and then return the cards to the rack. It’s fun and cheap.

This year, we celebrated in a whole different way.

(This is a ladies only read.)

I planned a special date night with Tom. Don’t get me wrong, we have date nights almost every week, but to tell the truth, we were in a rut.

So when my fellow writer and friend, Kim Moore, published a book titled, Now That’s Romantic, I couldn’t wait to purchase it!

First, it’s hardback and not on my phone. I open glossy pages filled with tasteful pictures and interesting suggestions to boost romance in any marriage. Kim gives fresh ideas about exotic “roomscapes” that will surprise and please your husband.

I thought about how many parties I’ve hosted in my days. How much time and energy and money I’d put into them. They were good investments.

But I’d never thrown a party for just my husband.

Until last week.

And we’ll have memories for a lifetime.

Now That’s Romantic is a great investment.

Tom can’t stop smiling.

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