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Horse Talk, A Day in the Life of a Farmer’s Wife Day 7

“So let me get this straight.” I collected my thoughts as I leaned on the massive horse trailer my neighbor owned–one of many. “If I go into the fence where the horses are and they don’t hate me, they probably won’t kick me, right?”

Jamie nodded and looked at me. “Right.”

“It’s okay if I go into the pen isn’t it?”


I asked him if I could ride a horse and maybe if my friends could ride when they visited.

“No problem.”

“And do you have the stuff to ride with?”

He patiently explained, “It’s called tack. I have about 35 different saddles and bridles and stuff. That’s what I do. I buy horses and equipment and sell them.”


I thought only people in westerns were in that profession. I asked about the horse I’d fallen in love with–the one with the blue eyes. He explained how he starts them in the pasture on our property when he first buys them and then transfers them to another 20-acre pasture he leases that has actual grass.

I’d missed them yesterday. There’s something both stately and comforting to look out your bedroom window and see two horses grazing.

“You won’t recognize him when I bring him back. He’ll look just like those horses.” He pointed to the healthy looking ones in back of his house. “The white one there is nice.”

“What’s her name?”

“Horse. She’s for sale.”

I pouted. “I really love that blue-eyed horse you had here.”

“He’ll be back. He came from a family of young-uns who let the horse do what he wanted.”

“I need you to help me learn how to make a horse do what I want.”

“I can help you with that.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “When you see that blue-eyed horse, tell him I asked about him.”

“I will.”

I think Jamie smiled too.